Saturday, March 20, 2010

Intertwining Roots

My very closest friends were engaged yesterday. I couldn't be more thrilled, mostly because I had a hand in setting them up for junior prom almost 10 years ago (wow, that makes me feel awfully old) and have watched them grow into each other. To me, they exemplify what it means to find someone who completes you, understands you and holds you up no matter what. They are best friends. They still make each other laugh. They communicate beautifully. They never, ever give up on each other. Like two trees planted next to each other, over time the roots intertwine underground; the two become one. That's what these two goof balls are.

My parents were evil and forced me to transfer from a coed Catholic school to an uptight all girl's school my junior year of high school. I kicked and screamed and threw child-like temper tantrums but they wouldn't budge. In retrospect, I don't blame them. I had become a rebellious little teenager on my way to no good.

Anyway, upon entering VMA, I found myself completely alone and depressed trying to mix in to the crowd of Main Line bitches with bow-tied ponytails and cliques that seemed like all-women gangs. I was frightened.

One night at a party I ran in to a girl who had been ditched by her friend just like I had. We recognized each other from class and struck up a conversation over warm Coors Lights that never ended. She slept over that night and we shared stories. This girl and I became best friends in a matter of hours. Over the next two years, we were a team in all facets of life. Both struggling in Math class together, sleep overs on school nights, and parents who knew we were up to no good but somehow trusted us together. I remember sharing a bottle cap in my basement with Lindsay, photo shoots in our school uniforms, Kairos retreats, speeding around in my 89' Beemer listening to Destiny's Child and running out of gas, Malvern boy fiascos, trips to Magnolia Grille, jokes about Paul's mustache, red nailpolish, sports coops and tons of really inappropriate experimental situations that shall remain unsaid. Despite lapses of time and communication, despite lifestyle changes and little fights, our friendship has lasted.

I love her "fiance" just as much. (To me, the word "fiance" is so awkward. Agreed?). He's goofy and weird and doesn't take himself seriously. He and I like to talk in our own little voice and laugh about Christine. More than anything, he puts up with her like no other. She's bold and provocative and ballsy. He loves it. It's hilarious to watch his eyes roll back when she says something outlandish. To me, his expression says, "that's my girl!"

Anyway, I can't wait to help my sweet Tine plan her wedding, chat about the details, and chime in with my opinion. It actually brings tears to my eyes as I imagine seeing them off the night of their wedding, looking forward to seeing these two live a life together, raise children together, grow old together, intertwine their roots even more.

Tine and Jonny, 100%!!!!!!!!!


  1. Aww congrats to your friends! I hope they'll continue to be just as happy together. And what a wonderful tribute to your friend in this post!!

  2. Thank you! Yes, she's a keeper. A lifetime companion I hope.