Monday, March 8, 2010

Giving DG Some Much Needed Love

Sometimes I forget about David Grey. I still love him and all. He's hot and his voice is hauntingly deep. But I've neglected his music for a while now. Today I decided to look at an old iTunes playlist of mine and his song Aint No Love was on the list. I was addicted this song years ago. I actually saw him in concert with my father and sister and seeing it live was fantastic.

"Sometimes I'm bursting at the seams with all my half remembered dreams, but then it shoots me down again."

That's me today. I took my pup for an hours long walk and really enjoyed the weather, nature and people watching. As y'all know, I'm on edge thanks to the "in between" stage I have found myself in. Being outside helps me to take a deep breath and laugh at how hilarious life is. You can plan, imagine, determine, contemplate and control as much as you want but more often than not, things will not go how you expect them to.

For instance, today, after my glorious walk, I found myself taking a huge kick to the gut. Not literally, that would be really ridiculous. But, figuratively. I'm now another two steps back in the game of life.

But it's all good. I think?

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