Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lord help the mister that comes between me and my sister.

Happy 24th Birthday to my beautiful sister, Thumber!

You are the sassiest, most-fashionable and hip chick I know. You also exhibit emotional maturity and poise in situations that most of us girls would lose it during. I give you mad love for that sister!

And just because I'm terrible/hilarious, I dug up a few old school photos of us during childhood. To put it lightly, we were looking pretty rough during our younger years. But we had each other and that's all that matters, right? And then we had Broseph and Beaner join us!

Exhibit A: Please note the rash below my bottom lip. The aftermath of obsessive lip-licking. I remember these rashes really hurting! As for you, Thumber, you're looking a little bit boyish! And we won't even start on the haircut...

Exhibit B: Thumber, you're looking very cherubic and adorable. Actually, you still sport this pose in photos today. I, on the other hand, am still obsessively lip-licking when the photo was taken. No doubt a symptom of my insanity.

However, remember what Mom used to tell us? Ugly ducklings turn into beautiful swans! Forget the fact that in saying that, she admitted we were ugly.

Because I do have a heart, let's take a look at my beautiful sib today. A definite swan...

Exhibit C: Thumber today. Hot, hottie, hot!

My world got a little bit brighter (and more mischievous) the day you were born. We've been through a whole lot together and I can honestly say we are stronger for it.

Last but not least - GO TA BED.


  1. Aw happy birthday to your sister. And you're right, she's GORGEOUS! love the clothes in those old pics. Hahaha!

  2. I know, my mom had...interesting taste. I remember both of us begging her to let us buy cooler clothes!