Saturday, September 24, 2011

Return of the whacky one

Hi blog!  How are you?  I think about you often, usually when I'm driving.  A certain sentence or thought will arrive in my mind, and I'll get excited at the prospect of being able to knock out a nice blog post after work that night.  But the trouble is, I never write it down after it comes to me.  So -- sadly -- as quickly as the idea comes it leaves, because the rest of the day takes over and I've forgotten about the creative spark.

I'm in the car very often now.  My job requires me to cover a certain territory of PA, and visit at least eight dermatologists a day, selling them the advantages of my products over the competition.  I really do enjoy it.  Everyday is different and new in the following wonderful ways: I'm in front of a different customer every day, I have to find creative new ways to start a conversation, I have to wear stylish suits and dresses (which makes me feel very womanly and pretty but also drains my bank account that I'm trying to open up a savings account from), and last but not least -- I have to make myself the center of attention each time I'm in there.  My job requires me to be a presence in the office, a memorable part of the doctor's/office staff's day.  Yes, I was meant for this.  I am the oldest child of four and I come from a family of Type A personalities.  I know how to demand the floor.

It's competitive too which keeps me focused!  We all claim to suffer from adult ADD and I'm no stranger to that self-proclamation.

I wait up every Wednesday night for my sales numbers, comparing them to my fellow reps, especially the ones who began when I did.  I analyze every single doctor I remember having great conversations with.  When they aren't prescribing the way I hoped they would, I yell out a "c'mon doc!  What's your problem?"  But then it turns into, "now you've asked for it...if you think I was aggressive last time, you ain't seen nothing yet!"  My family laughs seeing me this way.  It's just fun.  I like it.

I just feel like I want to end the post here.  There's so much more to say but there's also laundry that needs to be finished, a car that needs to be vacuumed (I LOVE doing this chore for some reason) and a late lunch to be had.  I'm also worried that I hate my new facebook profile picture.

Should I remove it?  Gosh, such a HUGE decision.  What in the world shall I do?  (HE HE HA HA)

Peace love and acrylic nails (I wear those now too),