Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rain Drops on My Window.

I'm quite the selfish bloggette (new word that I made up because I can: feminine for blogger). I like to get in, write and get out when it comes to this stuff. I quickly view the blogs of two close friends on the regular and cross my fingers that Suzanne Finnamore (an actual accomplished writer) has graced us with one of her few-and-far-between posts. Most of the time, she doesn't. So I sign off. This doesn't happen every time I log on. Occasionally I step out of my comfort zone and check a handful of other blogs. But not as often as I should. Sad face.

However, like I stated in my last post, I am home alone tonight and have some time for extracurriculars. I decided to be a more gracious bloggette and check out some new material. It was a fantastical good time actually.

First thing I noticed? Everyone's images are basically breath-taking and blow mine out of the water. (Not that this is a competition. Well, it is. Everything in my life becomes a competition because that's just how I roll).

I decided that I must find some gorgeous photos that make my blog look, just, AMAZING. I labored over this. It was much more difficult than one would think! There's a lot of shitty photos out there.

Every photo I chose makes rain, puddles and getting wet look glamorous and romantic to me. I look more like a wet, dying dog when I'm rained on. I actually avoid looking at myself in the mirror upon exiting the shower sometimes. My head is an odd shape; only noticeable when my hair is wet and matted to it.

Maybe tomorrow I will romp around in a bathing suit and heels, leaping through puddles with the greatest of ease, not caring that my head shape will be exposed! I do have the day off. This could work. All I need is photographer to follow me around. Any takers?

Here's to my first round of favorite photos!


  1. I'm a painter based out in Minneapolis and really want to paint a version of this picture you posted:

    Would you happen to know the original photographer of this photo? I would like permission from him/her to recreate this amazing scene.