Friday, April 16, 2010

Think, thank, thunk.

i know how to live, and not just survive. i consider living an art.

so i know about the existence of art as well, and its extreme importance. i believe love is an art as well. it may be that i see the god and the art in everything. therefore, i know how to be happy.

- Suzanne Finnamore (

I'm reaching for some inspiration tonight and rely most on beautiful words for comfort. There is no substitute for honest writing that doesn't read like anything you've read before. I dig this author (Suzanne Finnamore) and this excerpt is a little piece of one of her posts that I featured on my blog in its entirety back in January. Tonight as I read over all my past blog posts (yes, sometimes I do this. I liken my blog to a patchwork quilt. Each post is another little piece that covers me and keeps me warm when I need it to), and was touched once again by the above ideas.

Okay, and there's one more line I'm going to add.

unhappy people are problematic: you can't take people's suffering away. that's the last thing i know, for now.

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