Friday, April 23, 2010

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

I'm expecting!

Just kidding. I forgot to pull a fast one on April Fool's Day this year so there's my late joke.

I worked for a few hours today though and for some reason, it seemed to be "take your infant to shop day" at the Republic. Namely, there was a 2 month old who cried and cried the entire time his mother was parousing the sale section but for some reason I enjoyed it. I hate toddler cries/young child cries. They are the equivalent of nails on chalkboard to me. However, an infant's whaling is like music to my ears. I think it's the fact that the sounds are coming from a human who has only been on this earth for months. Can you imagine? Being weeks or months old? Life is so freaking precious and a newborn baby exemplifies just how precious it is.

I found myself feeling extremely maternal as I watched the baby lull himself to sleep with his own whales and listened to his mother speak softly to him in French. I wondered what she was saying but whatever it was, it sounded so much nicer than English words. French is a gorgeous language and I studied it for 8 years but can only say one thing. Oh wait, nevermind. I can't say a thing. I just tried to spell out "my name is" and "what time is it" but totally butchered both. So I studied French for 8 years and learned a big fat nothing. Go me.

Anyway, I shock myself sometimes with how obsessed I am with babies these days. They just fascinate me. Their lives are a blank canvas. No real baggage. Yet. It will for sure come, we all have it. They smell like heaven and they look like angels. They kind of are. Especially ones with the Anne Geddes cheeks.

Yay for babies today. . . I'm such a freak, I know.

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  1. I absolutely felt the same way! My maternal radar is always on in that store. I instantly want to snuggle every single child I encounter.