Friday, April 23, 2010

Either love me or leave me alone.

Random updates from the house of Adia & Madeline:

1. I'm running frequently now and lovin' it. Mostly I just like coming home and checking out my bod. A little bouncing around in the running shoes does a butt/legs good! Just kidding, kind of. I find that it clears my mind and helps me fall asleep at night. Clearly I didn't run today, hence the whackadoodle sololiquy below.

2. I'm interviewing for jobs recently. I have kept this to myself and haven't blogged about it because I haven't decided how I feel about selling out on myself. None of the prospective places of employment are offering positions that make me want to cry tears of joy over aka none of them are creative jobs. They're more like sales and executive analyst stuff. Snore. But hey, you can't always get what you want and when you are considering selling all of your belongings on craigslist to pay rent, something's gotta give. Right?

3. I'm behind on my e-mail writing. Specifically, I have one e-mail that's half written and it's recipient is one of my best friends and I can't finish it because I can't decide exactly how I feel and I owe it to him to be honest. But, as described below, I am a stranger to my own feelings these days. If he's reading my blog, I hope he gives me a few days to finish composing myself. He knows how it is, he writes too.

4. Last but not least, reasons for me slacking on my blog include finding out that some uninvited readers are snooping at my words and using them as fuel to add to their fire. This deeply affects and upsets me. This is a public blog, yes. But it's mine and it's a drama-free zone. I mean, I write about a lot of my own personal drama but I never, ever write venomous words at other people (at least not by name). I do sometimes write letters to insects though, but they can't read so they don't count. This is merely my outlet, my life and my thoughts and I like to think I'm rather anonymous and free. Those who choose to read are those who enjoy knowing what I think. I am grateful for them though I question why they are remotely interested in my psycho-babble bullshit. I love my blog though and I don't want any negative, mean eyes on it. So, go away, if you could. Because apparently my blog makes you angry and upset, rather than happy and/or indifferent. And the best advice I could give to myself or to anyone else is to do what makes you happy.

5. I think I'm going to start nannying. That is, if I don't take or I'm not offered any of the executive jobs I'm interviewing for. I just realized that there's a small goldmine waiting to be tapped in Main Line families who need a chick to drive their kids to lacrosse practice. I'm their girl.

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