Monday, February 1, 2010

Sometimes I Write Depressing Poetry. Just Because.

Then I was ugly
Buck teeth, chapped lips, glasses
I knew I was ugly
Did not belong
With the rest of you
Beautiful, rosy cheeked, normal ones.

Then I was scared
Darkness, horror, mother
I knew I was scared
Did not tell
The rest of you
Unafraid, bold, popular ones.

Then I was battered
Suffocating, scratching, hateful words
I knew I was battered
Did not show
The rest of you
Breathing, untouched, flourishing ones.

Then I was unlovable
Never saved, forgotten, brushed aside
I knew I was unlovable
Did not reach for
The rest of you
Loved, cherished, needed ones.

Now is not then
No more
Lack of love

But please forgive me
If I forget
Every now and then
That history does not always
Have to
Repeat itself.

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