Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Made My Baby Cry.

I often elude to Joni Mitchell's song River in my posts and thought maybe I should share it with you. Because it's beautiful. And once again, Philly is full of snow. This calls for River being played on repeat for some reason.

I might love it if there was a river outside my apartment that froze over every time it snowed. We could all skate around on it and then come in for hot chocolate afterwards. Instead there's a catering company, an old swimming pool filled with dirt and dead bodies (at least it looks like it) and an old school banquet hall surrounding my gorgeous complex. Reality bites sometimes.

There's one part where Joni sings, "but it don't snow here, it stays pretty green," which makes me want to be where she's singing about: California. I've never been.

Philly's grey and slushy, and now being covered over with white. Which is pretty, but it's also getting pretty damn old if you ask me.

Spring and summer, please hurry up and arrive soon. I miss you dearly.

Download California and Both Sides Now if you like River.

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