Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Poem

"It takes a spasm of love to write a poem."
- Erica Jong, How to Save Your Own Life

It's love's holiday, so it's only fitting...

This one's for the loved ones.
Those who gaze lovingly into their partner's eyes.
Those who's noses grazed rouge rose petals
given to them by the one.

My eyes went green today
thinking of you.

i'm uncertain
what i am, where i am, who i am
when it comes to love these days.

I resent the one who waits and waits
after seasons pass, yet I remain
with an unchanged mind.
I fear the one who's friendship promises
an easy connection
and flowing communication.

As of late, I've been foolish.
Listening to "i'm in" and believing it.
Been to places that don't accentuate my hues,
instead that splash noir on my canvas.

I find myself, on this cold holiday
remembering many times I shared
myself with another.
And now alone.
Free? Somewhat.

Yes, this one's for the loved ones.
Those who opened cupid's door
to passionate embraces,
to chocolates wrapped in heart-shaped boxes.
Those with the ability to look into another's eyes
And feel what only lovers feel.

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