Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm wearing my t-shirt tucked in today.

I have felt creatively blocked. That's a nice way of saying I haven't had the desire to write since Sunday. Probably because I found out my ex-boyfriend now has access to my blog and I created the blog because I wanted something he could not touch, that no one could touch really.

Anyway, no biggie. Stranger things have happened (like the fact that my father also reads it thanks to my dear sister). Thing is, I am a brat for trying to restrict a public blog to only certain readers. Who do I think I am!? A princess of course.

When I have nothing to say, I lean on Maddie for some good stuff.

Here she is waiting for me to get off the computer and play with her, sitting politely. When I think about it, she's actually the princess. Our apartment is really her world, I'm just living in it. I'm a fool to think otherwise.

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