Sunday, February 7, 2010


So I am currently thawing out after my adventurous afternoon. Three of us went sledding at the local golf course today. We were dodging children and trees the entire time but I figured if a bunch of 5 year olds were braving it, I was down. At first I found myself purposely wiping out early so that I wouldn't reach serious high speeds upon descent. However, the fear wore off quick after the two dudes I was with booed me! No they dit-int'! If I'm anything, I'm neurotically competitive. There was no way I was going to be the scared girl who couldn't hang with the big boys. Eventually I was flying off jumps and trying to make it across a creek mid-air. Unsuccessfully. (We gave up on the creek jump after a small child nearly broke his neck because we bet him $20 to clear it. Oops?) I secretly relished in the fact that my friend Andy told me I'm alot ballsier than I look. Damn right! Don't let the blonde braids fool you kids!

My spine is in loads of pain but I am a happy gal BECAUSE when I turned 26 I had a tiny quarter-life crisis due to the realization that I am now closer to 30 than I am 20. Aged. Old. Moving on to the next check box (26 - 32). I am not trying to offend those who are 30+ but I feel like bad decision making and immaturity becomes automatically illegal at that age. That's a wrong assumption, I know plenty of 30 +ers who behave like they're 17. This issue is mine and mine alone. Okay? Okay.

The crisis is now behind me due to the fact that I can still sled like a champ and make it home alive and kickin'! And that I've got some friends who are willing to act like kids again with me. I haven't laughed as hard as I did tonight in a long time, when I watched the video footage that Andy posted of us. We were all ridiculously giddy, completely unaffected by the serious wipe-outs we were all victims to.

Thanks Andy and Sean for being my wing men and trying to teach me to steer with my hands. And Andy, you definitely got the most air because you're such a big burly man!

Trying to fit my ass on a very small flying saucer.
Head first. I don't mess around.

Taking out small children on the way down. No big deal.

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  1. this was SO much fun and I was def impressed with your balls-out moves. You're a tuff lil cookie