Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Screw Diamonds. Sunglasses are a Girls Best Friend.

I am just not that into devoting my blog to fashion. There are far too many blogs devoted to Louboutins and Fashion Week and Vogue. Make no mistake, I am addicted to clothing just as much as the next chick. Certain shopping excursions have bordelined orgasmic. But I started this blog to talk about "more important things". However, sometimes my newest purchase is going to be really important. So I'm breaking my own blog rule right now. It's time to talk SUNGLASSES.

I work part time at Banana Republic on Main Street as mentioned in an earlier post (see 12:27 Wake Up Calls for the deets). We are closing down Monday (sad face). Everything is marked down ridiculously and I finally bought myself a new pair of sunglasses that I've been eyeing up for weeks, waiting to go on major sale (happy face)!

I love sunglasses for the sheer fact that some days I feel the need to build a wall around me and not let you in. This usually happens during certain times of the month. (TMI? I don't care). I have found that many women feel the same way. Take my sister for example, who rocks Juicy shades that are bigger than her entire face, no joke. Screw the fact that they protect us from killer UV rays streaming into our windshield and blinding us while we drive. Sunglasses are a crucial part of a woman's fortress.

So yay for bargain shopping and yay for Banana Republic and yay for me and my new shades! And yay for those of you who work full time. It's hump day y'all. I always loved Wednesday when I was one of you.

Last but not least, yay for my sister who helped me spell Louboutins correctly. Love you Krisbitch.

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  1. I wear sunglasses in the grocery store. And WaWa. If someone tells me to take them off they are getting smacked. Just sayin.