Monday, January 18, 2010

Have your Cake and Eat The Batter Too

I am currently baking a cake. Last week when I attempted this, the cake was a disaster because Maddie ate a chunk of the corner and I had to cut that piece off, cover the rest of it in pink sprinkles and pretend I didn't notice that it looked amputated as I presented it to the people I baked it for.

Let's hope for better luck this time. I am a huge Sex & the City fan and have always related to Carrie's inadequacy in the kitchen:

"The only thing I've made in the kitchen is a mess. . .and a few small fires."

Thank God for cake batter though. I am absolutely addicted. It makes the entire process worthwhile. In fact, I just noticed I now have some in my hair. Is it wrong to suck on the piece of hair to get it out?

PS - Photos of Doggie Day will follow shortly. I'm having technical difficulties uploading them for whatever reason.

PPS - My tum tum hurts, no doubt due to my gluttonous batter eating.

1 comment:

  1. your cakes are awesome and you make a mean chicken dish. It's good even when it's cold:) Loved that I got a "maddie ate the cake" call. adorable