Friday, January 21, 2011

you say it all by saying nothing at all.

I truly meant what I said in my last post - a.k.a the letter to my precious blog. I am more addicted than ever to the world of blogging and have been spending a lot of time checking out other pages. I've discovered blogs I've never seen and have added them to my "links" area. This took an inordinate amount of time because I am NOT web savvy and do not understand HTML language easily.

Anyway, I stumbled upon the below prints that concrete & honey listed on her blog. They're by an artist named Therese Sennerholt. (Notice that I'm adding links now to my posts! Yes, my friends, I have arrived).

These prints made me laugh and smile; they made me want to buy a couple for my bedroom as inspiration; they made me think about a couple people I'd love to buy these for. Wouldn't it be funny if for one day only, we weren't able to speak but were instead given posters to write on and a big, ink-filled Sharpie marker? Naturally, we wouldn't have time to write sentence after sentence to those we wanted to converse with. We'd have to keep it brief. These prints would really come in handy, wouldn't they?

For instance. Say this to the selfish a-hole who whispers sweet nothings to you but acts completely on the contrary:

The person who just, like, never changes:

How perfect!

I seem to be dealing with a tiny pinch of anger lately, I think. I don't do well with it. AKA:

Especially when I can't figure out why it's coming on so strong. Maybe I'm just scared of like, everything. Scared to shut doors, scared to feel happiness, scared to be successful, scared to face things I've been struggling with...and the list goes on. But I should remember:

These prints really say all I wanna say, without my soliloquy-esque style. Keeping it simple goes a long way sometimes. So does keeping my mouth shut. I am looking forward to spending time this weekend with those I only want to buy the nice prints for. I want to enjoy spending time with myself too, and letting my mind rest. I am not as awful as I sometimes let myself believe:

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  1. These are funny.