Thursday, January 13, 2011

just like honey baby, straight from the B

I always thought myself a Van Morrison fan, despite the fact that I knew only a few of his songs. I always felt I would enjoy any tune that included his ridiculously distinguishable voice.

When I began dating B, my love for Van was challenged. He mentioned that if he were to ever get married, he would want a Van Morrison song to play during his first dance with his wife. I exclaimed that I always thought Into the Mystic would be in the running as my first dance song! I assumed that was the song he was referring to and how fateful that would be! Wrong. He asked me if I knew any of Van's less popular music, to which I sheepishly replied, "no". Then he played me Madame George - a song I played on repeat for 2 months from the mix CD he allowed me to borrow that I still have.

If you read my blog at all, you know that I have quite an obsession for song lyrics and quotes. Naturally, the more I listened to Madame George, the more confused I was by B. This song was about a prostitute that all the men love, but cannot love. "Click, clacking of the high-heeled shoe," Van sings faintly, in describing Madame George's sound as she walks down Cyprus Avenue. "The loves to love, the loves to love, the loves to love, the loves, to love," he murmurs beautifully, after telling the story of a man who loves Madame George but must leave her. This was the song that B wanted played at his wedding!?!

When I spoke to B about the song, he responded with saying he had no idea what the song was about; he just loved the way it sounded. This explanation cast light on the first difference I noticed between B and I. It was unfathomable to me that you could love a song so dearly and not have any idea what the story behind the voice was. B was more interested in the sounds of the instruments, the way Van's voice changed. It didn't matter what he was saying. To each his own, I suppose.

When I discovered Pandora a few months ago, I was thrilled to be able to create my own Van Morrison radio station. I knew I would find new songs to love. And I was right. I found Tupelo Honey and instantly adored it. I couldn't wait to see B after work that day and let him know. He said he knew the song and we listened to it on on my phone. More than once. The second time was while we were driving with his teenage cousins to get ice cream at the beach while they played rap music with tons of lyrics that B was embarrassed to hear in front of them. They were loving it. I decided to cheer him up and create a more PG atmosphere by playing Tupelo Honey, to which B smiled, and the kids ignored. They started playing more Nicky Manage rap.

Today I was doing a bit of online browsing on a few fashion sites. I looked at a plethora of dresses, most of which I loved. I stumbled upon a dress called Tupelo Honey dress that I may not have given a second glance to if it hadn't been named after the song. It was a two-toned dress; the top was a sleeveless cream-colored blouse, a black ribbon lined the high-waist and a golden honey colored A-line skirt finished the look. I loved it because I imagined the woman that Van describes in the song wearing it. Then I imagined myself wearing it as my B looked adoringly at me with the song playing in the background. We were walking through fields in Ireland and he watched me as I skipped along the long grass. Oh, how the imagination can get me through the dullest of days.

So far, I'm correct. I do seem to adore any song that includes Van Morrison's ridiculously distinguishable voice. As well as adoring most of the music my B introduces me to. I've shared the video of Tupelo Honey that I played for B's cousins above. Maybe you'll like it more than they did. If not, go listen to Nicky Manage.

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