Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just, like, hangin' out.

Have you ever been so excited while eating chocolate or candy that you begin slightly salivating at the mouth until a small drop of saliva drops out onto your desk?

No? Well, I have. Just a second ago.

This happened while I was paying it forward by actually reading other people's blogs and shoveling chocolate covered raisins down the hatch. Another productive day.

In other news, I want to follow up on my little creative writing short-story post from a few days back but I'm not in that type of mood. I'd describe that mood as flowy (which is not a real world, but you get the point) and dark and emotional. Today I'm hungry, have a headache and tired. I wouldn't be able to create anything substantial. I will say that B and I talked it out and I feel much better. And yes, he did reach out first.

Okay...I'm sitting here staring at my nails with specks of plum polish on them and fingers full of red cuts and scabs. I wonder if anyone I come in contact with during the day looks at me and sees my inner turmoil manifesting itself in the form of f*cked up fingers. I'm not going to analyze this thought any further so I'll go to my black, knee-high boots.

These boots were made for walkin' and that's just what they'll do, this Wednesday these boots are gonna walk to go find food. (This little rhyme only slightly works if you say it to the beat of the actual song).

Yeah, not sure why I'm even attempting to write today. Good bye.

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