Thursday, May 20, 2010

Makes me wanna say Oh. My. God.

Oh yeah, and it's time to start bringing back old school desserts like the Root Beer Float. Remember making those as a child in XL plastic cups that may or may not have been recycled Super Sized soda cups from McDonald's?


Well that's a shame because in my house we did! Mine never looked like the gloriously adorable photo above but they were twice as yummy. I'm sure of it.

Also, if you haven't experienced the magical powers of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser you better head to your 24 hour CVS right now and grab one. You'll be up for at least another hour challenging it to remove stains you thought were there to stay. And it will! Every time!

Unless of course, you broke a bottle of red nail polish all over your bathroom sink and wall. It was quite heartbreaking to see the little guy fail me but everything good must come to an end!

Lastly, don't ever buy Treatment Foundation from Dermalogica because the woman at Beans told you it was just like tinted moisturizer (which is what you usually use). It's not. And I've been battling adult acne ever since.

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  1. I love Mr Clean Magic Erasers...they work on everything. Except permanent marker on paint. Apparently that stuff does not want to come off.