Wednesday, May 19, 2010

But something told me to run.

I completely relate to this tune by David Grey. In life, we welcome new faces and we say goodbye to old ones. Sometimes we welcome the idea of never having to see a certain face again. I sometimes think of those I've lost touch with, lost love with, lost trust with. Sometimes it was my fault, sometimes theirs. Sometimes it's no one's fault. It just happens.

Time changes people. Sometimes those you were once obsessed with knowing become those you easily forget. Other times there's these people that make clever cameos in your dreams, that you're reminded of when you watch the episode of Sex and the City that you saw for the first time with them, or their exact smile in the guy who makes your morning espresso. It's funny how the mind remembers those you thought you forgot.

I think it's finally time that I allow the one I've unfairly held tight to, slowly dissolve. Excruciating.

Thank God I'm starting my new job next Monday! Exciting. Exhilerating. Frightening. Awesome.

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