Monday, February 14, 2011

To: B

Dear B,

Just wanted to say thanks for the pats on the back when we are standing in line at the movies, the grocery store or a concert. They make me feel warm.

Also, thanks for never raising your voice. I didn't think it was possible.

Thanks for being weirder and goofier than I am. I - again - didn't think it was possible. But, you own it and you own it well.

Thanks for telling me I'm beautiful. I believe it when you say it in that tone of voice reserved for those words only. The fact that you are usually simultaneously putting my hair behind my ears makes me melt.

How do you somehow hear the words I don't say out loud? Thanks for asking me what's going on when I refuse to ask myself.

You have the greatest legs. Period.

You have the weirdest taste in clothes. Specifically, outfits that you think match just really don't. And I love you for it.

Thank you for teaching me that silence is not life-threatening. The two of us laying near one another listening to music is just as romantic as a kiss.

For reminding me that "the goal is to forgive, right?" Eventually I'll get there.

You aren't easy, but you're worth it.

Thanks for inspiring me to stay active. Running next to you on the treadmill is fun yet stressful due to the competitive nature residing in both of us. Remember, I ran at 7.5 speed for 6 minutes straight during my 2 and a half mile run. You did not.

Thanks for being so GD great to look at. I just e-mailed a friend about you, telling her I'm so proud to call you mine. She instantly responded with, "please copy and paste that line and send it to him. I've never heard words like that come from you."

And so here I am, letting you know.

Well, not really. You don't read my blog because you say it's mine and mine alone. Thanks for letting me have creative freedom. Maybe I'll whisper these sweet words to you while I drizzle melted chocolate all over body...but probably not.

Happy Valentine's Day, I love you.

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