Friday, May 31, 2013

Tree Poses

Have you ever done something wrong and despite numerous attempts to let yourself off the hook, you just can't seem to?  I've begun refusing to admit I'm human and fallible lately, therefore I am shocked when I take a look at my imperfections. 

Tonight I decided to take a hot yoga class.  It was 90 degrees in Philly roday but what's 10 degrees more inside an enclosed room with 12 other sweaty bodies and hot breath surrounding you?  I thought maybe, just maybe, contorting my body into tree pose, taking deliberate deep breaths, and forcing myself to repeat, "let it go" while the teacher made us all link arms would relieve me of my mental obsessions and force me to gain peaceful perspective, but I was mistaken.  Half way through the class, I resigned to my favorite pose, "child's pose" for three minutes straight and then got up to see if the water fountain was running (it was not).  Yoga was not going to be my solution for serenity.

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