Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Sunday Soliloquy

I'm currently sewing.  No really, I am.

There are a few items of clothing that I would love to wear on the regular but cannot because they've got annoying little holes in them.  Today I wore my melon colored GAP cardigan with the hole because I was just visiting my family and I don't care about impressing them with hole-less clothing.  However, I enjoyed wearing my melon number so much that I went to CVS and bought a travel-size sewing kit. Here I am, stitching away.  Melon cardigan is now hole-free and I've moved on to my favorite SoLow yoga pants with a giant hole in the crotch.  Can't wait to wear these again.  I must admit, they make my butt look fantastic.

Easter dinner with the family today left me with a lot on my mind regarding my sick grandfather. But, it's Sunday night and Sunday nights are like, the worst, even after getting sober and not suffering from withdrawal and hangovers.  Looking ahead at the work week seems daunting and ominous.

In other words, it's not the correct day of the week to be getting into sad stuff regarding my wonderful Gramps and his dwindling quality of life.  Gosh, I want to snap my fingers and go back to the way we were before his health began declining last year.  I looked at the sunroom on the back of their home today and it dawned on me that just about eight years ago, my Gramps built the entire room with his own two hands.  A hard-working and brilliant blue-colored man my Gramps is.  A fine human being.  I will tell you that throughout my entire life, he has not once done anything to hurt me.  I have never once been upset with him.  I have never felt anything but complete and utter love and support from him and I want nothing more than to see him feel better.

Oh, see, look at me.  I couldn't contain myself.  A little emotion spilled out.

Happy Easter Sunday to all; especially my lovely Gramps, pictured above.

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