Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I just wrote a post and then deleted it. After reading it over, I felt irritated by my own negativity.

It was true, what I said. About how my mother's words cut me once again and how even after all this time, it still takes days for me to shake her.

But I actually don't feel like seeing the words written so deeply.

So I'm going to finish my laundry and head to bed. I've had an exhausting day of work and thinking. I hope and pray that I can get a nice full night's sleep.


  1. I was fortunate enough to catch the deleted post before it's premature abortion and I found it deliciously honest...hang in there kid and be who you are...fuck 'em

  2. Thanks doll...I liked the post as well but it was something I would rather have as a journal entry than a blast on the web. I dunno why.

  3. Screw them all, I say. I'm sorry that you've been hurt by her words again. Keep on being who you are...I kinda like it ;-)